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Outdoor tv protection

Tv protection system

Tv screen protection

Tv case

Bring your

emotions out


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A new system out now!

It allows you to enjoy TV out of home, in absolute peace.

The first protective case in the world, designed to preserve screens and to give you outdoor the same emotions you experience at home, whenever and wherever you wish, without having to worry about constantly moving the television set.
Thus, by the pool, in the outdoor area of a hotel, in the bow lounge of a yacht, in a city garden, wherever you want you will be able to live an extraordinarily, unique experience.

Techa is a sophisticated system composed of tempered glass and stainless steel, totally waterproof, capable of defend and preserve the TV from any weather condition at any time of the year.
You will no longer have to worry about anything and you will enjoy your favorite show in peace so, that emotions will be the only things you will bring out.

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It's invisible but you will notice it


Almost invisible thanks to the extraordinary clearness of the front screen made of 6mm anti-reflective tempered glass.
All connection points are finished with stainless steel super mirror profiles, as well as the mirror-polished rear panel makes it extraordinarily beautiful from any point you will look at.
Thanks also to a universal support system, the television screen gives the impression of floating within the space, giving it an interesting scenographic effect. So when you turn your TV on, you won't see it but you won't be able to forget about it.



Exclusive even

in details


Techa has been designed with the utmost care even in the smallest detail.

Its structure rests on four removable chromed feet, designed to resist even to be extremely stable even when exposed to a strong wind.
Techa has an intelligent electronic control unit which manages the temperature and the humidity level via probes integrated inside. It is also possible to remotely check the status of the Techa at any time via an app.
The universal screen attachment system is also made of steel and contains an electronics housing where it can be placed a decoder, a console or a blu-ray player.
On request it is possible to install a hi-fi audio amplifier with DSP control. An extremely intelligent system with exclusive design and details.

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looks as it

really is


+ sound

We know it is essential that characteristics of the images on your TV remain intact, which is why the transparent anti-reflective glass on the front keeps images totally unchanged.

We know it is essential that characteristics of the images on your TV remain intact, which is why the transparent anti-reflective glass on the front keeps images totally unchanged.
Therefore, no reverberation at any angle and no annoying halo effect that could compromise vision.
Techa was also designed to ensure exceptional audio performance. The base of the structure is made of a micro-perforated steel grille that preserves the clarity of the sound by contributing to an extraordinary diffusion.
Technologically advanced materials and finishes which are able to give you the perfection of sound and images, just as they are.

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The strenght

of resistance


Wind, atmospheric aggressions, humidity, heat. No problem, we've already thought about it.

We have combined the best materials available on the market, made with innovative technologies, with the scrupulous care of the best Italian craftsmen to ensure extreme solidity and a life long service.
In addition to the excellent glass we have mentioned before, a sophisticated super mirror AISI 316L stainless steel has been used for the whole display case, a specific kind of steel which is generally used in the naval industry for its characteristics of high resistance to corrosion and all atmospheric agents. Techa has also received the certification of a very high degree of water protection: IP46.
Therefore, is fearless and it’s ready to resist. For a very long time.

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