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Front glass:
6mm anti-reflective tempered glass

Upper glass and side windows:
6mm tempered glass

stainless super mirror AISI 316L

Sizes and customization:
Techa display case can come
in any size.
Steel profiles can be painted

with any RAL, upon request

TV requirements:
the display case is only suitable for televisions with audio system facing downwards

it takes about 90 days to produce the Techa.
However, some cases are always available for immediate delivery

materials are guaranteed for 10 years. TV follows the manufacturer's warranty

100% made in Italy

We recommended to ask one of our technician for the installation of the TV inside Techa.

Upon request we can buy the TV following customer's request and deliver the product already installed.

patent filed for industrial invention number 102020000002014

and SM-P-202000057

(protection for display device)

filed on 03.02.2020

Intellectual property:
intellectual property registration certificate number 008191233-0001 registered on 30.09.2020


degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP46 code) in

accordance with standard CEI EN 60529:1997 + A1:2000 + EC:2017

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